Malmö Snapshot 2022

Facts and figures on trade and industry in Malmö.

Malmö Snapshot is an annual report with facts, statistics and short analyses for the trade and industry in Malmö. In the report you can follow trends and developments in a number of areas.

Did you know...?

Going to Hamburg will only take 3 hours

The Fehmarn belt tunnel between Denmark and Germany will be finalised in 2029. The journey through the tunnel will take about 7-10 minutes and a trip between Malmö and Hamburg is planned to take 3 hours. The Öresund bridge has played an important role for the growth in the Öresund region and the Fehmarn belt tunnel is expected to have a similar effect for the new super region.

Graph showing the number of start-ups per year.

NUMBER OF START-UPS (ALL TYPES OF ENTERPRISE). Start-up = a completely new business or one that has resumed activity after at least two years. From 2010, the statistics are based on register data instead of direct data collection. New activation criteria are applied, as well as a new calculation basis for employed persons.

9 new businesses are launched each day

A lot of new businesses are started in Malmö and existing companies choose to establish their operations in the city. In 2020, 3110 new business were started in Malmö, an increase of 11%. The creation of many new businesses reflect the entrepreneurship that exists in Malmö and the structural change that the city has gone through - from a few large companies to many smaller companies. Malmö has a diverse scene that include a large number of industries which gives the city a solid base and interesting breadth.

Graph showing development of gainfully employed daytime

DEVELOPMENT OF THE NUMBER OF BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENTS AND EMPLOYEES. Definition of number of employees = the number of people employed in Malmö who have earned income of at least a basic amount/year or worked as substitutes for more than 3 months

The amount of business establishments and emplolyees are increasing

Malmö has a flourishing trade industry with solid growth and prosperous future. Many new companies have been established, and existing companies are choosing to locate their operations in Malmö. The number of business establishments has increased significantly, and today’s business structure consists largely of small and medium-sized enterprises. In 2021 Malmö had 193,642 employees distributed
across 39,107 business establishments.

New initiatives are ongoing throughout the city

All over Malmö there are powerful ongoing initiatives for the city's inhabitants and businesses. In Hyllie, Varvsstaden, Nyhamnen, Jägersro, Rosengård and Segepark just to name a few. Together we invest in a city in constant motion. A creative and sustainable city with expansive infrastructure plans and a fantastic location in Nordic region's largest labour market region.

All this (and a lot more) is found in Malmö Snapshot

In Malmö Snapshot you will find interesting statistics, facts and short analyses for both businesses in Malmö, companies that plan to move to the city and others who want to follow the development of Malmö's trade and industry. Infrastructure, population, commute statistics, industry development and city planning are just a few of the mentioned areas. Malmö Snapshot is a summary from the City of Malmö.

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Malmö Snapshot - Facts and figures on trade and industry in Malmö

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