Malmö Snapshot

Facts and figures on trade and industry in Malmö.

Malmö Snapshot is an annual report with facts, statistics and short analyses for the trade and industry in Malmö. In the report you can follow trends and developments in a number of areas.

Did you know...?

NUMBER OF NEW COMPANIES. As of 2010, statistics are based on register data instead of direct collection.

8 new companies are started every day

A lot of new businesses are started in Malmö and existing companies choose to establish their operations in the city. In 2020, 3110 new business were started in Malmö, an increase of 11%. The creation of many new businesses reflect the entrepreneurship that exists in Malmö and the structural change that the city has gone through - from a few large companies to many smaller companies. Malmö has a diverse scene that include a large number of industries which gives the city a solid base and interesting breadth.

DEVELOPMENT OF GAINFULLY EMPLOYED DAYTIME POPULATION IN MALMÖ. The gainfully employed (16+ years) with a workplace in Malmö. The figures include owners of sole proprietorships and employees in all types of company.

The number of gainfully employed is increasing

Malmö has a flourishing trade industry with solid growth and prosperous future. The development in gainfully employed has shows a very large increase over the last 20 years and is now at an all time high. During this period the city decided to establish the Malmö University and the Öresund bridge. Two very important intiatives that have contributed to Malmös journey from traditional labour city to a city of knowledge.

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