Cruise network

Part of the biggest networks in the Nordics.

Cruise Malmö Network

Cruise Malmö Network is established as a partnership between Copenhagen Malmö Port, the City of Malmö and representatives from the tourist sector in Malmö/Skåne. The aim of the network is to market Malmö as a part of the Öresundregion and to develop the city and region as an attractive cruise destination in the Baltic Sea.

Mr. Pehr Andersson, Senior manager City of Malmö Port, is the chairman of Cruise Malmö Network.

Cruise Baltic

Cruise Baltic is a B2B network of 30 partner destinations in 8 countries consisting of 30 ports in the Baltic region. Our aim is to promote our partners towards cruise lines and travel agents as well as all those who want to learn more about the great potential of the Baltic cruise product.

With more than 16 years of experience, Cruise Baltic offers all cruise lines easy access, great service, high standards and full integration between ports and cities throughout the region. 

Together with our destination partners, we work every day towards offering all cruise guests an unforgettable experience in the Baltic.

Malmö is part of Cruise Baltic. For more information, visit their website: