Welcome to Malmö

Malmö is a natural hub for people and cultures from worldwide. The city’s inhabitants come from around 180 countries and speak some 150 different languages.

The story of Malmö

How a post-industrial city reinvented itself as a dynamic knowledge centre built on cultural diversity, youth and sustainable development.

Visit Malmö

Proceed to malmotown, Malmö’s website for tourists.

Technical visits

The city of Malmö offers technical visits for municipalities, cities, organizations, etc. that have a professional interest in taking advantage of our approach, experience and success factors.

Facts and statistics

How many people live in Malmö? How many homes are being built? How many students will be eligible for upper secondary school? You will find facts and statistics on Malmö here.

Business in Malmö

To Malmö Business, Malmö’s official business website.

Sustainable Malmö

Progressive eco-friendly development projects and multi-stakeholder social initiatives to promote health and well-being have put Malmö on the map as one of Northern Europe’s most sustainable cities.

EU and international cooperation

Extensive work is taking place as regards EU issues in Malmö, and the city is actively involved in many different ways.

Inclusion in a diverse city

What does the City of Malmö do to make its citizens feel secure and ensure that everybody is given the same opportunities regardless of cultural or religious background? It is largely about collaborations for social sustainability, but also about targeted initiatives if required.


Malmö works to deliver inclusive education services – from playgroups and preschools to higher education – that provide a sound platform for lifelong learning.

The City Council

Malmö City Council decides in matters of greater importance for the municipality, such as budget, taxes and guidelines for municipal activities.

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