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In recent years Malmö has grown progressively and has currently over 350 000 inhabitants. Our need to interact with the world around us and to find the most ideal solutions for our population increases with our development. Here you can read more about Malmö's international and regional work.

Today Malmö conducts an active cooperation with neighboring regions such as Skåne, the network Malmö Lund region, large local authorities such as Copenhagen, a deeper strategic alliance with Lund, and has also good relations with twin town of Newcastle. At the same time, the City of Malmö is a member of several European networks and organizations, including Eurocities, Baltic Metropoles and the Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC). The city has also a Brussels stationed official.

International work

The City of Malmö EU-Office
International networks & organizations
The Malmö Model for Objective 5
The European Network of Malmö
Twin Cities

Regional work


Malmö Lund region
Greater Copenhagen and the Skåne Committee

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