Twin cities

Malmö has signed twinning agreements with eleven cities. The contact with the partners varies greatly. Most frequent are the contacts with Newcastle and Tallinn.

Increased internationalization and other strategic contacts in the EU have changed the conditions for the international work. Today's twinning is more about establishing partnerships around concrete cooperation projects, where the direct benefit to the various activities within the collaborating cities is substantial.

Tallinn (Estonia) since 1989
Szczecin (Poland) since 1990
Stralsund (Germany) since 1991
Florence (Italy) since 1989
Vaasa (Finland) since 1940
Varna (Bulgaria) since 1987
Tangshan (China) since 1987
Port Adelaide (Australia) since 1988
The province of Chieti (Italy) special cooperation agreement since 2001
Newcastle (UK) special cooperation agreement since 2003