Inclusion in a diverse city

What does the City of Malmö do to make its citizens feel secure and ensure that everybody is given the same opportunities regardless of cultural or religious background? It is largely about collaborations for social sustainability, but also about targeted initiatives if required.

Malmö is a city with a diversity of languages, cultures and religions. Two of the municipality’s most important tasks are to help people feel safe and secure in the city and ensure that Malmö’s residents feel involved and included. These tasks are mainly carried out in the daily work in schools and leisure and culture sectors, preferably in cooperation with civil society.

The commitment to the city and its challenges is considerable. The little big city of Malmö has become known for its cocky attitude and willingness to try new things.

Malmö’s rich community life and many associations contribute greatly to the inclusion of Malmö’s residents and in conveying positive values to the city's young people. There are also various types of forums dedicated to the effort to unite the people of Malmö across boundaries of language, culture, and religion. Here are some examples:

Open Skåne

The starting point for Open Skåne is that diversity is a resource that is best utilised through knowledge transfer, education, conversation, and interaction.  Through think tanks, open meetings and dialogues, Open Skåne operates in areas relating to the labour market, civil society, health, culture, media, public authorities, business community, politics, religion, education, and science. Partners are religious communities, public authorities, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden.

Öppna Malmö

Malmö is a genuinely global city. A diverse and engaging place where each and everyone should be able to take pride in their background and identity – and coexist as equals.

Under the emblem of Öppna Malmö (Open Malmö), numerous exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, seminars and lectures will be presented during 2020–2022.

Meet Malmö

In the Meet Malmö forum, the City of Malmö and its business community collaborate to find solutions to the city's challenges. Ideas and initiatives from the business community, organisations and the City of Malmö on socially sustainable development are allowed to grow and develop into partnerships and concrete solutions.  Personal meetings and an online portal for testing ideas and searching for partners and other resources stimulates development.  Meet Malmö is based on the concept of lasting knowledge alliances between the municipality and other actors in society.


Malmöandan is a forum where the City of Malmö works together with the civil sector to find solutions to the city's social sustainability challenges. By using democratic and co-creating methods, ideas are born and new partnerships grow to work towards solutions. Malmöandan is based on the concept of building knowledge alliances to tackle the challenges of Malmö together.

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