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Discover sustainable initiatives in Malmö.

Circular City

Circular solutions are becoming increasingly mainstream in Malmö in energy, building, waste and wastewater management. See some of the large-scale and small-scale enterprise and initiatives for a more circular economy.

Sustainable and resilient city

Work in Malmö on resilience is based on trust and high quality everyday service delivery as the basis from which to tackle challenges such as crime, creating more robust and vibrant communities or climate adaptation.

Low emission transport

More inhabitants but less emissions. We explore work in Malmö that has made cycling an increasingly common and attractive form of transport, as well as initiatives for walkability, electric public transport and the development of new mobility hubs.

Equitable and inclusive city

Malmö, like many cities, struggles with significant socio-economic challenges, healthy inequity and social exclusion. We explore some local initiatives to tackle some of these issues and create skills and new sustainable businesses.

Carbon neutral energy and building

Malmö is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030. Find out how the energy system is being developed to be 100% renewable and how the construction and property sectors are mobilising to meet the challenge.

Nature Based Neighbourhood

The Augustenborg neighbourhood was a pioneer of sustainable urban regeneration where local flooding problems were the driving force for nature-based solutions. Green roofs, open stormwater systems, ponds and wetlands has inspired development here.

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