Green and Blue

Cycling in Malmö

Malmö is a compact and dense city, but values urban green space. Parks and the city´s close proximity to the sea are complemented by green roofs, and landscaping in city squares and bike and walking paths lined by trees. 

Green roofs
Green roofs can be seen on various roofs across the city of Malmö. Most often they incorporate stonecrops, a hardy ‘groundcover´ plant which absorbs rainwater in its leaves, consequently slowing
urban flooding. In addition to flood reduction and rainwater filtration, green roofs provide insulation. They can even help reduce the urban heat island effect during heat waves, whilst providing habitat for migrating bird species, contribute to urban biodiversity and improve air quality. In addition to the environmental services, green roofs add an aesthetic boost to an urban landscape.

Storm water management
Open storm water management filters rainwater where it falls. Local systems to manage storm water reduce the burden on city´s water treatment system whilst creating natural and environmental values otherwise rarely found in residential areas in the city. The importance of these installations will increase since more severe rain storms are expected due to climate change.

Organic gardening
Near the centre of the city, behind the old fortress now housing the Malmö Museum, lies the Castle Garden. The castle garden grows a wide range of organic produce where Malmö residents can buy plants as well as fruits and vegetables. The Castle Garden also hosts a popular organic café. At several locations in the city small urban community gardens have been established mixing the joy of growing and harvesting your own crops with social work and help reducing climate change consequences.

Green space factor
A green space factor was piloted in the Western Harbour and is today incorporated in the municipal Environmental Building Code. For every surface that a contractor wants to put solid materials on they will need to compensate this with something else being green. This has been a very powerful tool in the aim of creating a more green city with green roofs, walls and lush gardens in Malmö.