Education and Fairtrade

Sustainable Consumption in Malmö
Organic food and Fairtrade products are on the rise in Malmö. Already today over 50 percent of the food served in schools is organic and the consumption of ethically labelled products increases year by year in Malmö.

Malmö Fairtrade City
Malmö became Sweden’s first Fairtrade City in 2006. Since then, the purchase of Fairtrade coffee within the municipality has increased with more than 60 per cent and ethical consumption in Malmö continues to rise.

Malmö Fairtrade City is a cooperative effort between the city, businesses and the local community and the purpose is to raise awareness and understanding of fair trade. Every year certain criteria must be fulfilled to be “re-certified” as a Fairtrade City. Many cafées, restaurants and hotels are dedicated to Fairtrade and offer their customers Fairtrade products. You can also find fairly traded clothes, flowers, sportballs, toys, home decoration etc. in many Malmö shops. Today there are actually over 200 stores and restaurants that offer Fairtrade products to their customers in Malmö.

Learning for sustainable development
Malmö facilitates pilot projects and networking linked to the United Nations Decade for Education for Sustainable Development (2005 – 2014). The objective is to enable citizens to make informed, smart and sustainable choices through both formal and informal education.

Sustainable events
In events of all sizes Malmö aims to achieve a high sustainability profile. The city festival, in August every year, has been awarded for its work with climate friendly transport and emission reduction. The visitors are offered tap water and vegetarian alternatives and the festival runs on renewable energy. A green checklist for events has been developed and was used for example when Malmö hosted the Eurovision Song Contest.

A green stay in Malmö
It is easy to be a green visitor to Malmö. Rent a bike, eat organic and drink our wonderful tap water. If you need more ideas on green hotels, restaurants, shops and sites to visit use the Green Map of Malmö .

Information and inspiration
The city spreads the message about sustainable development and lifestyle in many different forums. Seminars, events, lectures and study visits are some examples of how to reach and motivate the citizens in Malmö.