Sustainable food in Malmö

The city of Malmö has established some very ambitious targets concerning the environment and sustainability for the next 10-15 years.

Food procurement is an important part of the impact the public sector has on the environment. For example, eating contributes to about 25 % of the greenhouse gas emissions from Swedish private consumption.

Policy for sustainable development and food

Malmö's policy for sustainable development and food was approved by the city council in 2010. The goal of the policy is that all food purchased should be organic by 2020 and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from food procurement should be reduced by 40 % by 2020, compared to the 2002 level, which was 13 360 ton CO2-equivalent.

With the policy we want to:

  • Contribute to a sustainable Malmö with healthy citizens.
  • Strengthen the importance of food in the City of Malmö´s own operations to increase the attractiveness of food.
  • Work towards 100% sustainable purchasing in the City of Malmö.
  • Ensure that the City of Malmö leads from the front and only serves sustainable and safe food when serving food at official functions and representation.

Climate Smart Food in Malmö

In 2016, the environment department was awarded funding by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to work with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions connected to the production and consumption of food and drinks in the public sector in Malmö. This is as part of the policy implementation.

The project has had several strings to its bow. Municipal employees, both catering staff and those working closely with the customers eating the food (pre-school personal and elderly care staff), have received a theoretical background as to why the work is important with a course on climate change and what we can do. Catering staff have also learnt about nutrition and attended practical cookery courses. There have also been discussions with procurement officers and suppliers to offer more plant based products. In addition, programmes to reduce food waste have been started in the public kitchens.

Due to the actions of the project, Malmö has seen an increase in plant-based meals. This has resulted in a 20% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions relating to food procured and consumed in public kitchens in Malmö.

Sustainable food in Malmö's schools and pre schools

Watch these movies to learn more about the City of Malmö's ambitions to serve good, healthy and climate friendly food to all children:

Working with others

The city of Malmö is regularly involved in national and international projects. Two recent international projects are linked below:

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Case study: Sustainable food for thought in Malmö (pdf, 119.5 kB)