Malmö Fairtrade City

The vision for Malmö 2025, is that Malmö is world leading in sustainable city development and the Fairtrade Town project with it's political support is seen as an  important part of the city´s sustainable development.

In 2006 Malmö was the first city in Sweden to become a Fairtrade City, a certification system to indicate a city is engaged in the issue of ethical consumption. Over 800 cities in 19 countries have received this award. Copenhagen, San Francisco, London and Rome are all Fairtrade cities.

Malmö Fairtrade City is a cooperative effort between the city, businesses and the local community and the purpose is to raise awareness and understanding of fair trade. Every year certain criteria must be fulfilled to be “re-certified" as a Fairtrade City.

Fair trade in Malmö

Many cafées, restaurants and hotels are dedicated to Fairtrade and offer their customers Fairtrade products. You can also find fairly traded clothes, flowers, sportballs, toys, home decoration etc in many Malmö shops.

More than 200 workplaces in Malmö already serve Fairtrade coffe and tea to their employees, and more are joining all the time.

To raise awareness, Malmö Fairtrade City has arranged a wide variety of events; fair trade festivals, fashion shows and live cooking shows. One of the most popular events is the fair
trade and sustainable christmas design market in the city center. It has been arranged every year since 2008 and gets a lot of visitors as well as media attention.