Malmö Fairtrade City

The Fairtrade City project was launched in Great Britain in 2001. Twenty years later over 2000 cities have recieved the award with Malmö being the first Swedish city awarded the title in 2006.

Being the first city in Sweden to be awarded the title of Fairtrade City indicates a city engaged in the issue of ethical consumption.

Malmö Fairtrade City is a cooperative effort between the city, businesses and the local community and the purpose is to raise awareness and understanding of fair trade. Every year certain criteria must be fulfilled to be “re-certified" as a Fairtrade City.

Fair trade in Malmö

Many cafées, restaurants and hotels are dedicated to Fairtrade and offer their customers Fairtrade products. You can also find fairly traded clothes, flowers, sportballs, toys, home decoration etcetera in many Malmö shops. Many workplaces in Malmö serve Fairtrade coffe and tea to their employees.

Better Batteries – Ethical and sustainable batteries

In 2021 the City of Malmö was awarded "EU City for Fair and Ethical Trade 2021" and was given financial means to realize our winning project idea regarding ethical batteries for vehicals. The project is a cooperation with International Trade Centre (ITC) and funded by the European commission. The goal is to increase awareness and knowledge of the supply chain when it comes to batteries.

The City och Malmös increasing electrified vehicular fleet raises the need for ethical and sustainable batteries. This project intend to provide the citys procurement unit with the tools required to purchase as ethical and sustainable batteries as possible, aswell as inspire other citys, organizations and businesses to do the same.

You can read an overview about the project here:

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