Sege Park

Sege Park is not just a housing district, but also a test bed for future sustainability solutions. Sustainability, shared economy and urban farming are key concepts when Malmö creates almost 1000 new homes through building and re-building in an already established area where old constructions harmonise with new buildings.

Aerial view of the housing area Sege Park. Photo: the city of Malmö.

Sege Park, in the eastern parts of Malmö, is an experimental workshop for climate-smart housing solutions for the future. The City of Malmö is working with a number of constructors to build approximately 1000 homes in Sege Park. Long-term sustainability, the sharing economy and the growing of fruit and vegetables are some of the main focus points.

In Sege Park, homes, businesses and public services will be established in an attractive old park environment where it will be easy to separate waste for reuse and recycling. Sharing has been incorporated with planning so that premises, tools, toys etcetera can be co-owned or rented and used by everyone who lives in Sege Park. As a result, residents can own less products and things, but have access to much more.

The area will be supplied with renewable and recycled energy. The buildings will be energy efficient and carry solar panels. Rainwater will be collected and reused. The inhabitants of Sege Park will have access to electrified bicycle- and carpools. The green park will be preserved and everyone who wants will have the opportunity to grow fruits and vegetables of their own.

Can sustainability be a walk in the park?

Sege Park has a rich and exciting history. Many of the area’s existing buildings are of great cultural, historical and architectural importance. At the same time, the old park environment provides a lush and pleasant living environment. In other words, the perfect place to try out new, environmentally friendly housing solutions. Sege Park offers a mix of housing forms in different price ranges with the ambition that everyone will have the opportunity to live in a climate-smart and affordable way.

Who is building in Sege Park?

As Sege Park is being developed, several buildings will be converted into multi-family homes in the form of rental properties, tenant association properties and terraced houses. There is also space for businesses, public services, socialising, outdoor activities and urban farming – all to create a city within a city and a pleasant environment with modern features close at hand.

Sege Park is a pioneering area for sustainability in terms of social, ecological and economic urban development. All those involved are working together to create a local system of innovative housing, services and infrastructure.

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