100% Locally Renewable Energy

Bo01 Solar collectors

Local energy production is integrated from the start throughout Västra Hamnen. The first stage, Bo01, went furthest in this field and is planned to have a 100% locally produced energy supply from renewable sources.

Sun, wind and water

Many buildings in Västra Hamnen have solar panels for both heat and power production. There are a total of over 3000 m² of solar panels supplying heat to the district heating network. Some buildings also have small wind turbines on the roof, and the Bo01 area gets its power from a large wind turbine in Norra Hamnen. Nearly all dwellings in Västra Hamnen are heated by district heating, produced both from waste incineration and from solar energy and interseasonal storage
in the bedrock.

Low energy consumption

In order that local renewable energy production goes as far as possible, it is important for energy use to be as low as possible. In the first stage, Bo01, energy use was higher than expected. Since then, the focus on energy use in buildings has increased and, in Fullriggaren, which was built in 2010-2012, as many as 200 of the 600 dwellings are passive houses. The preliminary evaluations also show that the actual energy use
is closer to the target than in the earlier stages.

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