Hyllie is a neighbourhood that connects southern Malmö with the scanian planes. From fertile almost bare farmland this part of the city has developed into a dense part of the city with a prenouced focus on sustainability.

Hyllie is growing fast and residential areas as well as offices, schools, pre schools, parks and street are being planned and constructed. The work with several detail plans and comprehensive plans are ongoing.

The vision for the cosmoplital Oresound region

Hyllie will be the most climate smart area in the Oresound region and has an attractive city center with a lot of green space that will attract both national as international citizens and companies.

The city life has a variation of a vibrant commerces, large events and lively city streets as a contrast to the creative parks, calm neighbourhood streets and safe school environments.

The central location of Hyllie in the region will have an international character with a clear identity as a cosmopolitan Oresound region.

In the year 2040 Hyllie is estimated to have 25 000 residents.

Fantastic location for communications

The development of Hyllie started in connection with the planning for the City Tunnel, that made Hyllie into a superior communications location. From the station in Hyllie the train takes about three minutes to the Triangel station and twelve minutes to the international airport of Copenhagen. Hyllie is also an important connection point for city and regional buses.

The most climate smart part of the city

Hyllie will be the most climate smart part of Malmö. An important foundation for the climate smart strategy is the Climate Contract that was signed by Eon, VA Syd and the City of Malmö in year 2011, and has put Hyllie on the map with it’s sustainable sollutions within energy, waste and mobility. The environment program of Hyllie is also a support for the developers in Hyllie to make good choices for the common good in the work for the environmental progress in Hyllie.

The reconnection of the city with the rural plains

Hyllie is the part of Malmö that connects the city with the plains in southern Scania. Diagonally through the current Hyllie the train tracs went from Södervärn to Falsterbo. Today that train embankment is called Tygelsjöstigen that with it’s tree avenue becomes a recreational bicycle path adding multiple dimensions to Hyllie.

Hyllie contributes to making a whole city out of Malmö. In the year 2040 Hyllie will have merged with Vintrie, Elinelund, the village Hyllie, Kroksbäck, Holma, Lindeborg and Svågertorp.

The award-winning Hyllie

The buildings of Hyllie have received awards at a number of occasions. The architectural prize of the City of Malmö was awarded to the Hyllievång elementary school in 2018 and the following year to the office building Dungen. In 2020 the offices building Origa was awarded the Gröna Lansen prize for the most sustainable building that year.

More of everything

Simultaneously as Hyllie is living part of Malmö the planning ad construction to create new parts of Hyllie and Malmö is ongoing, to make the city a whole city.

The Hyllievång Park. In the beginning of 2021 the large community park is taking shape after many years of waiting. The park will become a green oasis with room for activities and reflection, for experiences and meetings.

Hyllie Boulevard will be prolonged, starting in the spring of 2021. From the crossing Almviksvägen in the north to Pildammsvägen in the south east. Hyllie Boulevard is the main artery of the city, and when it’s finished in May of 2022 the extention of Hyllie can continue to the south.

The International School of Malmö. The international school of Malmö, MIS, opens during the summer of 2023 in new facilities.

Currently several detail plans and plan programs are being prepared in the area.