Sorgenfri is one of Malmö’s largest urban development programmes. Centrally located and with an exciting mix of old industries and creative enterprises, Sorgenfri is set to become a unique sustainable development project.

Covering an area of about 45 hectares, Sorgenfri consists of nine large blocks and 38 buildings. It is being developed on the lines of a downtown district, with high density and a mix of housing and business premises. When complete, it will have around 2,500 homes and 2,000 workspaces.

Malmö’s industrial area

Sorgenfri is Malmö’s old industrial heartland and this heritage remains in evidence today. Around 40 property owners and other businesses and organisations operate here. Some 2,100 people work in Sorgenfri in manufacturing, offices, schools, organisations and artists’ collectives. At the same time, large areas remain undeveloped.

Small-scale and diverse

The nine blocks differ substantially in character and structure. Three large roads – Industrigatan, Nobelvägen and Östra Farmvägen – pass through the area. The Spårvägen and Brännaren blocks are the first to have begun the transition to mixed urban neighbourhoods.

A critical aspect for each new block is to support a mix of small-scale properties and business activities, along with different styles of architecture and housing. Another key facet is retail diversity in terms of shops, cafés and other street-level outlets.

Green spaces

Sorgenfri is currently lacking in green space. A network of green corridors, parks and spaces is an important part of the development plan. The outdoor environment – parks, gardens, squares and streets – is planned to be aesthetically pleasing and to encourage people to spend time outdoors all year round.

Smart systems and sustainable lifestyle

Sorgenfri is intended to be a showcase for sustainable urban development. The building of infrastructure friendly to cyclists, pedestrians and public transport, allied to smart mass-use systems, will create scope for low-consumption living. All homes in the Spårvägen block are being fitted with kitchen waste disposal units that grind up food waste for storage in underground tanks. The food waste is collected by truck and used for biogas and biofertiliser production.

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