A local survey indicated a difficult traffic situation in the area. The survey, carried out by the residents themselves, eventually resulted in an overview of the traffic situation. Restructuring of Augustenborgsgatan has diminished through traffic substantially and a number of measures have been taken to increase safety by the school. A new exit to the industrial area is the next step, so that heavy vehicles no longer will be passing the school entrance.

Mobility Augustenborg

The Green Line

Two electric-powered trains built as prototypes during two years transported around 300 000 passengers to and from Augustenborg and surrounding neighbourhoods. The line was closed down when Skånetrafiken could not make it profitable and the trains had some technical problems. In spite of this there was interest from other parties to buy a similar train system, but unfortunately there was no preparation in the company formed for the pilot project to launch a larger production.

Car pool

Residents started a car pool with electric cars in 2001, but today the car pool in Augustenborg is part in the city wide Sunfleet carsharing system.