Energy effeciency and production

A number of initiatives have been undertaken throughout Augustenborg to increase resource efficiency by up to 20% compared to 1995 levels.  Measures to increase energy efficiency have been undertaken throughout the neighbourhood, optimising heating and hot water systems and cutting electricity use. 

Energy Augustrnborg

Individual apartment meters

The apartments are prepared for individual measuring of hot water when the old plumbing is replaced. The possible energy saving effect is large since the residents then will be able to regulate their use of water completely and hence also control their environmental impact. A third of all heat goes to hot water. A pilot project for individual measuring has been carried out, but the conclusion was that presently there are greater gains from a central control system. Some residents have taken part in a programme to weigh in their CO2 and then work together to find ways of decreasing their carbon footprint.

Solar energy

Ideas from residents are behind the large solar energy project in Augustenborg with 450 m2 solar panels in the industrial area connected to the central heating system and solar panels on the new school building, and a number of demonstration photovoltaic systems in the industrial area. The Augustenborg solar project was the starting point for Solar City Malmö which operates all over Malmö. In spring 2009, a wind power plant was installed at the local school.