Climate smart Hyllie

By 2030 the whole municipality of Malmö will run on 100 percent renewable and recycled energy. To enable this Malmö needs to develop a smart, flexible, and integrated energy system that can manage both various sources of renewable energy and shifting demand.

As one of Europe’s fastest-growing cities, Malmö is used to change and enjoys a well-earned reputation for developing innovative solutions to expand and develop the city in a sustainable manner. One of the latest examples of this is Malmö’s largest expansion project, the new city district Hyllie.

A testbed for a fossil-free energy system

Hyllie is a large-scale testbed and demonstration project of integrated and smart energy solutions that enable cities to become sustainable. Hyllie was the starting point for the roll-out of a digital smart grid platform that optimizes district heating flows by taking into account various dynamics such as weather and energy demand and using smart building technology. The smart grid platform is now being scaled in Malmö as well as other cities in Sweden and Europe and has made the Malmö district heating grid a benchmark for smart grid solutions within heat distribution.

Hyllie is also a testbed for solutions that increase and optimize the use of renewable electricity. For example, innovative metering- and automation technologies that manage locally produced electricity while maintaining power quality and enhanced reliability, something that can be a challenge with more local solar production feeding into the electricity grid. In a few years, Hyllie will have a whole community where solar energy will provide almost 40 percent of the total electricity needs of the buildings.

A communication node for sustainable travel

Situated a 6-minute ride from Malmö Central station and a 25-minute train ride from Copenhagen City Center, Hyllie is a new communication node in the Greater Copenhagen region, and it is easy to travel to and from Hyllie sustainably, you can even take your bike on the train! From Hyllie, the city and the sea are only a 15-minute ride away on scenic bike paths and in here you find Malmö’s first Bike and Ride, a facility providing benefits for commuters who cycle with several services and conveniences such as round-the-clock air pumps as well as restrooms, showers, and a lounge.

All buildings in Hyllie have large bike indoor storages, many of them offering a bike pool with cargo bikes. To reduce car ownership citizens are offered free membership in a carpool and are given a fully charged bus card when they move to their new home.

Hyllie Climate Contract

A major driver for Hyllie becoming a large-scale testbed for sustainable solutions for energy, mobility, green buildings, and waste management has been the formation of public-private partnerships with clear common goals. In 2011 the City of Malmö, the energy company E.ON and the publicly-owned water and sewage company VA SYD jointly signed a Climate Contract for Hyllie establishing guidelines and goals to make Hyllie the most climate-smart city district in the region. Today Hyllie runs on 100 percent renewable or recycled energy for cooling and heating and is working towards supplying the district with 100 percent renewable electricity.

Movie about the sustainable energy system in Hyllie

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