The Green City

Residents, pupils and people working in the area have been involved in the design of the outdoor environment to create new habitat whilst increasing amenity.

Green City Augustenborg

Flowering perennials, native trees, fruit trees and wetlands are key features whilst bat and bird boxes provide additional accommodation on the housing estate. All the 30 gardens in Augustenborg have been renewed within the project.

Stormwater and green roofs

The stormwater system has gone through a major change. Green roofs and open stormwater channels leading into ponds have stopped the flooding in the area and have created a beautiful environment and a richer biodiversity. The MKB houses have 2 100 m2 green roofs, apart from the large facility at the Botanical Roof Garden covering 9 000 m2.

There are a total of 6 km canals and water channels in Augustenborg. 90 % of the stormwater from roofs and hard surfaces is led into the open storm-water system in the housing area. The aim the project was that 70 % of all stormwater should be taken care of for the whole of Augustenborg.