Sustainable Urban Planning

Malmö is a compact city, facilitating provision of collective services, including transport and bicycle pathways whilst simultaneously incorporating mixed use planning and green space; creating favourable conditions for sustainable urban development.

Comprehensive plan
Malmö´s comprehensive plan looks two decades into the future. The overarching goal is that Malmö will be an attractive and sustainable
city socially, environmentally and economically. The city should be
able to continue to grow and there will be a need for more housing,
work places and service. The aim is to create a robust and long-term
sustainable urban structure for an increased population, green
growth and a continued development of Malmö’s attractiveness.

When Malmö is complimented with new development there is an
opportunity to improve the existing qualities of the city. Malmö has
the ambition to be a world leader in sustainable urban development which provides a range of challenges, for example regarding
environmental issues. Achieving a socially balanced city where everyone can enjoy good conditions for life is a decisive challenge for
Malmö. A prioritised target is therefore to strengthen the economic
base for the livelihood of Malmö’s citizens.

Malmö should be a neighbourly, compact and mixed-use city
– a green city with a transport system that puts people in focus.
Malmö, together with Copenhagen, will function as an engine in
the Öresund region to strengthen competitiveness.

Summary of Comprehensive plan for Malmö Pdf, 3.9 MB. (pdf)

The Environmental Building Strategy
The Environmental Building Strategy is Malmö´s platform for sustainable construction and a link for knowledge exchange. It forms the basis of the dialogue between the City of Malmö and its builders with the aim of following how climate-smart construction is developing in the city.

Excellent arable land
The South of Sweden (Skåne) contains some of the most fertile land in Europe. As Malmö expands, it attempts to balance growth with preservation of open areas for nature appreciation and food cultivation. The city aims to densify existing city areas with many new building sites located within the central vicinity or on former industrial sites in order to avoid over-exploitation of surrounding arable lands and urban sprawl.

Tough goals set by the environmental programme
City of Malmö’s Environmental Programme, adopted in 2009 with a ten year focus was summarized in 2020. The program had four main goals:

  • Sweden’s most climate friendly city
  • Malmö – the city of the future
  • Sustainable use of natural resources
  • It’s easy to do the right thing in Malmö

In 2021 City of Malmö decided to work with a new programme.