Strategy for localising the SDG:s

With a focus on the following five development processes, we strive to increase the ability ot the City of Malmö to implement the 2030 Agenda and the SDG:s and make them an integral part of our local development work.

1. Integration in existing steering and management systems

The 2030 Agenda is supposed to be a guiding principle for all city operations. Sustainable development is not supposed to be defined as an addition to regular work, rather it must be defined by what the regular work includes and how it is performed. To secure that we are making the right prioritisations to achieve the 2030 Agenda, the Global Goals need to be integrated into existing steering and management system.

2.  Sustainable development through operational development

Our work with sustainable development is implemented within the entire organisation through the regular operations systems, in development processes and in different networks with a strong focus on management and the municipal owned companies' core tasks. As sustainable development is about balancing the three dimensions of sustainability while having the future generations in mind, we need to strengthen the child and youth perspective in our operational development.

3. Planned communication and participation for learning and support

Coherent and planned communication efforts highlighting the local SDG work, with focus on participation and anchoring, will contribute to growing awareness and knowledge both internally and externally. Communication and dialogue are also prerequisites for cooperation, for building knowledge alliances and establishing partnerships.

4. Increased knowledge for conscious decisions

Making conscious decisions for sustainable development based on all sustainability dimensions and with an emphasis on achieving the Global Goals, requires knowledge and skills. Conscious decision-making at all levels contribute to a sustainable city.

5. Innovative partnerships making a difference

Through active partnerships in local, national and international contexts we try new forms of cooperation involving different actors.

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