Onboarding Malmö

Has your partner recently been recruited to company in Sweden and your family relocated to Malmö?

The City of Malmö and Media Evolution offer a new and professional networking program in Malmö, in order to introduce and integrate partners of newly-employed international talents into the Malmö business community.

The program

The program includes group sessions, individual meetings, Malmö out and about, worklife in Malmö, deeper connections, social gatherings and of course sessions about the unique Swedish workplace culture. There will be study visits, dinners, networking, bike tours, 1-1 meetings and much more.

Onboarding Malmö is an initiative started by the City of Malmö and it is administered by Media Evolution.

Dates 2023:

Round 1: May 22 – June 16 (application open)
Round 2: Late August – September
Round 3: November – December

Find out more on https://www.mediaevolution.se/onboarding-malmo/