Port and crew services.

Port services

  • Malmö is a one ship port! That means that your guest will have our full attentions.
  • The harbour is located 1 km or 10-15 minutes’ walk from the City centre.
  • We will have hosts (they wear blue jackets saying Malmö on the back) in the harbour that can answer questions and help your guest and provide them with maps and information about Malmö.
  • If preferred, Malmö Tourism can also have hosts onboard your cruise vessel.
  • Shuttle service if you want we can offer a shuttle ( free of charges) , with an electric little train to the city. The train can take 40 passengers on each ride and each ride takes about 10- 15 minutes each way.
  • It´s a sustainable way of transporting the guest to the city and since it´s a new electrical train it´s allowed do drive on the biking paths so it will be a short cut to the city.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Flag of the nationality of the Cruise in the harbour

Crew services

  • Crew offers will be sent to you in advance and also in cooperation with Cruise Baltic.

The Swedish Seamen's Service in cooperation with CMP and Seamans mission offer:

  • Wi-Fi and stationary computer in the terminal.
  • Free transfer to central Malmö and sport venues, sport activities, and much more.