Why architectural competitions?

The City of Malmö works to enhance the quality of the built environment and the right for all residents of Malmö to have a good living environment. Architecture should create lasting values that reinforce Malmö’s unique character and reflect the diversity of our places and the people who live and work here.

In Malmö, we believe that a good quality-built environment requires good design that translates functional need into beautiful form in a way that endures and relates well to its context at the scale of the building, the place and the city.

A well-executed architectural competition studies, tests, compares and assesses different alternatives to find the best response to a project’s goals and expectations. Holding a competition early in the process can generate unique values and qualities, and a common vision that speeds up later stages. It saves both time and money and gives opportunities to create living environments that can be loved by many over the longer-term.

Do you have a construction project that might be of interest for a competition? Please contact us! You can reach us via email at stadsbyggnadskontoret@malmo.se.