Admission Procedures for Malmö International School

We wish to promote effective learning, interest in other cultures and global perspectives, as well as international mindedness. There is no tuition fee but the family must meet the intake criteria.

  1. Students with parents studying, or working within Higher Education in the region, as well as students in international families moving to Malmö, or the region of Malmö, due to employment for a limited period of time.
  2. Students in families moving to Malmö, or the region of Malmö, who have attended an International school abroad for a major part of their education and therefore have a reason to fulfil their education in an International school.
  3. Students living permanently in Sweden, subject to availability of places. Knowledge of English is a requirement for the age level of the curriculum.

Students are placed according to age at Malmö International School:

EYP3 - 4: starting August 2024

EYP5: 5
PYP 1: 6-7
PYP 2: 7-8
PYP 3: 8-9
PYP 4: 9-10
PYP 5: 10-11
PYP 6: 11-12
MYP 1: 12-13
MYP 2: 13-14
MYP 3: 14-15
MYP 4: 15-16

As the school is funded by the municipality of Malmö, it is recommended that you live within the municipality. If you decide to live in another municipality, they must agree to pay school charges to Malmö before admission is secured.

After MYP4 students apply to go to upper secondary school. A fluent level of Swedish is required for Swedish upper secondary schools. Families staying long-term should consider a Swedish school for their child's Swedish language development.

Malmö International School

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