Strengthened leadership

To make sure that knowledge and experience spreads to make rings on the water. That is how we can continue to spread the joy for physical activity long term in the future.

The city of Malmö works in accordance with the global goals in Agenda 2030 to create a sustainable world championship that gives long term effects. That is why a big focus will be to make use and further develop leaders within schools and association life that can drive the efforts forward.

Efforts linked to strengthened leadership

  • Cooperation with the Swedish Handball Federation around the methods in the activity form for Hand the ball.
  • Conferences and lectures at the festival area during the championship.
  • Seminars and workshops with combined theoretical and practical exercises.
  • Educating coaches and parents in player development, family handball and alternative formats of play.

The effort is possible thanks to several existing projects and operators: Barnhandballcoach, movement efforts in school, Hand the Ball, Handball Fitness, Trygg Idrott, Unga ledare, RF-SISU Skåne, University of Malmö. HF Syd, Malmö Sports Academy and several others.

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