Handball World Championship | The investments of Malmö

You might not associate a big event with more active children, increased interaction and people who get a more active leisure time with belonging and community?

These, and many other effects are just what the City of Malmö sees as a big potential for the Men's Handball World Championship 2023. Add to that a strengthened leadership within schools and association life, and the incomes that tourism contributes to the city.

On 13-23 of January 2023 the Men's Handball World Championship will take place at Malmö Arena. On this page you can find out more about the investments of the City of Malmö.

Hand the Ball och Lilla VM, (The Small World Championship)

Nice, together, joy and respect are the value words for the school project Hand the Ball, which is celebrated through the festival “Lilla VM-dagen”, (The Small World Championship Day). More active youths, joy of movement and good values is the goal.


The city of Malmö works actively with social sustainable development for lesser differences in health. The investment in para-handball will contribute to a more inclusive society.

Meeting places and Fun Zone

The City of Malmö will arrange meeting places and a Fun Zone where children and youths can take part of the championship and its values, without having to buy a ticket.

Strengthened leadership

To make sure that knowledge and experience spreads to make rings on the water. That is how we can continue to spread the joy for physical activity long term in the future.

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