Welcome to the libraries

You are always welcome at any of Malmö’s 13 libraries. Here you can borrow books to read or look at. There are many books for children and adults of all ages, including books in many different languages. You can also borrow video games and films.

All of our libraries are staffed by people who will be happy to help you to get the best possible experience from your library.

The role of the library is to be accessible to everybody, to be a meeting place for all people, and to be a source of knowledge. Borrowing books and using the library’s services is free of charge.

We look forward to seeing you!

What you can do at the library

You can also use the library from home, by borrowing e-books, reading digital newspapers from all over the world, and using the Världens bibliotek service that provides e-books in many different languages.

How to borrow items from the library

In order to borrow anything from the library, you will need a library card. This card is personal to you, and you can easily get one from any of our libraries. You must present a valid form of ID, and you will need to complete a form. It doesn’t cost anything, and it only takes a few minutes. The library card enables you to borrow whichever books you want to read.