Samlingen - The Collection

With some 40 000 artworks, Malmö Art Museum holds one of the largest art collections in Sweden. It’s a unique collection owned by Malmö City and its citizens. The exhibition The Collection presents a cross section of the history of art, up to the 21st century.

  • Malmö Art Museum, Slottsholmen
  • Permanent exhibition. First opened in June 2021

The Collection allows us to perceive the ways in which painting, graphic print, sculpture, arts and crafts, furniture and textile evolve from one era to the next. Pioneering expressions, trends and techniques come to light, go out of style, and resurface again in new forms.

The Collection is not a purely chronological exhibition, however. It approaches art history not as a singular progress, but rather as a multitude of stories, nuances, and perspectives – many of which have been forgotten or made invisible.

Therefore, Malmö Art Museum has collaborated with a number of experts and creators, from art historians to children’s book authors, to create several tracks that run through the exhibition. These tracks highlight different elements, as well as areas of knowledge, connected to the museum’s vast collections, and show them in a new light. The tracks will be continuously expanded and updated in a manner that allows for returning visitors to explore the exhibition in ever new ways.

Malmö Art Museum’s collections are the result of purchases and considerable donations. The collections grow every year, the main current focus being Nordic contemporary art.

Art has always been deeply affected by the time and place in which it was created, and contemporary art is no exception. This is also true for the collection of art. Therefore, the collections of Malmö Art Museum are as much part of history as they are a part of the living present.

The Collection is an art treasure that belongs to the citizens of Malmö. It is also a hub for narratives and stories that constantly replenish and transform the ways in which we view art, history and the society we live in.

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