The exhibition HOME takes a closer look at perhaps one of the most important spaces in our lives, and what relationship we have to it.

  • March 12 - November 6 2022
  • Malmö Art Museum, Slottsholmen

For many of us, the home serves as the primary arena for the progress of life. The concept of “home” therefore resonates strongly with almost everyone, whether it be in the appreciation of what we have or in the despair for what we lack. The idea of home most likely means something different to each of us. What makes a home? How do we create safety within the home? And what happens when our safety becomes compromised?

HEM (HOME) is a constellation of stories that relate to the home in different ways. The exhibition is primarily based on works from Malmö Art Museum’s collection and consists of art, applied arts, crafts and design that evoke the complexity of the home. The works presented raise questions about the domestic sphere and how the home can form a framework for safety, care, and liberation, but also danger, decay, and fear.

The exhibition is curated by Malin Forssell, Anne Thomasen and Anna Johansson.