About Allaktivitetshus activity centres (English)

There are three Allaktivitetshus activity centres in Malmö – at Lindängeskolan, Hermodsdalsskolan and Apelgårdsskolan. Each Allaktivitetshus offers activities for adults, children and adolescents, without charge.

The activities are held on school premises during afternoons and evenings and at weekends, on every day of the week. On weekday mornings, a free breakfast is served to the students who attend the schools.

At these centres, you can take part in a range of activities, such as:

  • boxing
  • streetdance
  • football
  • help with homework
  • crafts
  • music
  • gymnastics for women

Contact details and map

Click on the links to see the contact details and location of each Allaktivitetshus activity centre.

Email address for the activity centres: allaktivitetshusen@malmo.se

Would you like to start your own activity?

If you live close to Lindängeskolan, Hermodsdalsskolan or Apelgårdsskolan, you can start your own activity at one of the activity centres. We can provide premises without charge, as well as help and support with the running of the activity. You can also apply for grants for the purchasing of equipment and materials.

If you have a good idea, send an email to the centres.

Are there any activities missing?

The Allaktivitetshus centres aim to provide activities that local residents wish to participate in. If you have any thoughts or requests, please send an email to the activity centres.