(in)visible (English)

What emerges when we look at an art collection from a queer perspective? Can a museum tell us something about the duality of absence and presence?

  • 12 juni 2021 - 9 januari 2022
  • Slottsholmen

Tore Hallas, And going after Strange Flesh, Foto: Tore Hallas & Phillip Jørgensen

The Exhibition (in)visible departs from Malmö Konstmuseum’s collection, presenting artworks ranging from early 20th century to the current day. It has also affected the collection in return, filling gaps with borrowed artworks and new purchases. The exhibition also includes archival material from Malmö Stadsarkiv (Malmö City Archives) and RFSL Archives that echoes narratives connected to the city.

The curatorial approach for (in)visible expanded beyond the walls of the museum, engaging local artists, researchers and youth groups in a long series of conversations and workshops. This collaborative process sparked questions around fragmentation, spatiality, the body and desire. Exploring the Collection also meant finding gaps which opened doors for borrowing and acquiring new works.

A total of 33 local and international artists, working from various perspectives, are included in the exhibition. Several artworks explicitly frame queer motifs, and others have been included following a careful methodology of queer readings, resulting in exciting and unexpected connections.

Many of the themes explored in the exhibition are interconnected. Some artworks allude to the private realm, the familial and intimate, while others investigate the different ways public spaces can be experienced. In several works, the body is featured as malleable matter, marked and shaped by history and power.

(in)visible provides glimpses into expressions of queerness, leaving room for a multiplicity of interpretations that cannot be contained.

The exhibition is curated by Tawanda Appiah, Sofia Landström, Jari Malta, Sara Rydby and Jonelle Twum. The graphic design is made by Edith Hammar who also has illustrated a magazine for the exhibition with artist interviews that will be released in August.

(in)visible also connects with other spaces and institutions in Malmö. A number of works from the exhibition will also be on display at Malmö City Archives, for instance.

In connection to WorldPride 2021, a film program will be presented at Panora in collaboration with SAQMI (The Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images):

6-8 pm: Queer Moving History: Från Frigörelse till Transmilitans - dokument från queerkampen i Sverige (From liberation to transmilitarism – documents from the queer struggle in Sweden).

One of the works from the exhibition, the short film I’m continuously crying tears of estrogen and tears of testosterone (2020) by Zafira Vrba Woodski, will also be shown at Folkets Park, as part of their art programme during WorldPride 2021.

Apart from being represented in (in)visible, Leif Holmstrand will present an audio work at Ljudkullarna during Sommarscen as well as a video work at Inkonst during World Pride. Both produced in collaboration with Malmö Art Museum.

The exhibition relates to WorldPride 2021 and Öppna Malmö (Open Malmö) – Malmö city’s initiative to raise awareness and questions about discrimination and racism.

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