Smart Grids

Smart grids and smart energy solutions

Hyllie is at the forefront of the development of a sustainable energy system. The area will integrate, for both electricity, heating and cooling, the smart networks and other intelligent energy solutions that will hallmark the future.

In Hyllie smart networks will enable flexibility in the chain of consumption as well as optimize the use of renewable energy sources through better control and monitoring. Smart grids and smart energy solutions will also enable people to actively be able to measure, monitor, control and influence their own energy consumption using smart energy solutions, and be able to independently produce energy.

To enhance the efficiency of energy consumption, building contractors that are interested can install flow meters for the individual metering of hot tap water and heating. When combined with Hyllie´s energy efficient properties and the use of electric and biogas-fueled vehicles, this will result in enhanced energy consumption efficiency and less of an impact on the climate.

By as early as 2020, smart solutions for the regulation of consumption and storage of energy in Hyllie will enable an improvement in the balance between production and consumption compared with current conventional energy systems.