In english, membership, 12–17 years

Are you 12–17 years old? Now you need a membership
to swim without adult company.

From January 1th 2021 all visitors aged between 12 and 17 must be members to swim at Hylliebadet without adult company. Beeing able to swim is a requirement.

It is easy to become a member. Go to registration site (in swedish) and fill in your details. You can also fill in your details on site.

The information we need is name, photo, social security number and telephone number as well as the guardian’s name, social security number, telephone number and email address. Keep in mind that guardians must sign – digitally or on paper.

When you register, you as the guardian certify that the youth is proficient in swimming, that you approve our code of conduct and that we can contact you if necessary.

The membership is for your safety and allows us to get in touch with your guardians if, for example, you have an accident. The membership means no extra cost.

Need help?

Contact the reception: hylliebadet@malmo.se or 040-342650.

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