The City Council (in English)

Malmö City Council

The City Council is the highest decision-making assembly in a municipality. Malmö City Council has 61 representatives (members) who are selected in general elections every four years - the parliamentary and county council elections are also held then.

The party that recieves the most votes in the election gets the most representatives in the City Council and this gives it a greater opportunity to influence decisions.

The number of seats required for a majority in Malmö City Council is 31. After the election in September 2022, Malmö is governed by a minority consisting of the Social Democratic Party (SocDem), the Green Party (Grn) and the Liberal Party (Lib).

Malmö City Council decides in matters of greater importance for the municipality, such as budget, taxes and guidelines for municipal activities. The meetings are led by the chairman, first and second vice chairman (presiding commitee).

In order to be elected to the City Council, one must be resident in the municipality and be at least 18 years old.

The City Council's meetings

The Council usually holds one ordinary meeting each month, except the month of July. Each year, the Council determines the date and time for the meetings.

The City Council's meetings are open to the general public. You are welcome to the City Council's session chamber in the town hall: the entrance to the public gallery is from Kompanigatan 5, third floor.

You can also follow the meetings in real-time at malmo.se/kf. Here, you will also find the documents. The meetings are also broadcast by radio Malmökanalen 89.2 MHz.

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