Malmö Konsthall

A 2000 sqm large room for contemporary art - flexible and spacious premises with fantastic lighting. At the inauguration in 1975 the architect Klas Anselm described his creation as "a large, low concrete box open towards the park and the light from the skyes".  

The municipal art gallery presents about a dozen international and contemporary exhibitions every year. Parallel to the exhibitions there is a extensive pedagogic activiy for both children and adults. Private shows can be booked of ungoing exhibitions, see below. The municipal art gallery has about 200 000 visitors yearly.

Opening hours

Open all days 11–17. For information on alternative opening hours, guided tours, creative workshops and other events, see site below.

Adress: S:t Johannesgatan 7, 205 80 Malmö
Tel:+46 40-34 60 00

Type of visit: A dialogue based tour of a current exposition by a pedagogue or art scolar.
Maximum nomber of participants: 30 persons
Cost: Schools (elementary-gymnasium) within the municipality of Malmö free of charge. Adult education and schools outside of the municipality of Malmö: 500 SEK. Private companies: 1000 SEK work days, 1300 weekends. The prices are valid for work days.

Booking request send to bokning.konsthall@malmo.se