Social sustainability

The City Council has descided that Malmö shall persue the work with social sustainability to decrease the differences of public health in the city. The descision is founded upon the propositions of the Commission of a Social Sustainable Malmö and the input from about 70 different referral bodies.

BID Sofielund

During the autumn of 2010 a process began in southern Sofielund to become one of the cities targeted areas for social change. During the spring of 2011 an investigation began to rise the living standard and the influence of the residents of the areas.


Lindängen is one of five areas which are parts of the program to improve the social living conditions in Malmö between 2010 and 2015. The investments had as goal to create jobs and general a increase in employment, to the creation of a safe environment, a vibrant urban center and possibilities for the citizens to influence the development of the area.

The Commission

The fact that inhabitants in parts of Malmö have seven year shorter life expectancy than others, has been known for decades. The reason for these large differences in health are that many inhabitants lacs the basic qualifications for good health such as jobs, good education, acceptable living conditions and economic and social ressources.

The mission of the commission

The mission of the commission was to provide a scientific base for how health can be improved for all citizens, and especially for the most vulnerable.

The commission was politically independant and conscited of 14 commissionaries of resarchers from different parts of the country and persons with a unique competence about Malmö. Each commissionary was responsable for one field and had access to a group of persons with different kinds of knowledge from that field.

The commisson ended it's work in March 2013 with handing the final report over to the municipal assembly, that in 2014 descided to continue the work on the base of the recommendations and propositions of the commission.

Assignment of investigation and the ongoing work

An assignment for investigation of the further work for a social sustainable development in Malmö has been issued by the City Council. Work is currently ongoing in all the city’s departments on inclusion, citizen dialogue and collaborations with NGO:s and the civil community.

Practical info

Place: Town Hall
Length: 45 minutes
Type of study visit: lecture.
Target group: Municipalities, cities, NGO:s and politicians, that work with social sustainability.
Maximum number of visitors: 25 persons

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