Malmö Opera

Foto: Roos&Tegner

Foto: Roos&Tegner

The opera house was built in 1944 and is a typical example of functionalistic architecture and is since 1994 governmentally listed building. The opera is no ordinary workplace. It takes about 90 different professions to make a performance .

During the tour of the opera house the guides takes the visitors to a tour of the beautiful opera lobby with it's many art pieces and to behind the scenes to show the decors, technical equipment, masks, wigs, outfits and much more. Skillful specialists are working here who all contribute to the magic of theatre. Many things must be coordinated, both before and after the show. During the tour you shall learn more about how. Malmö Opera is no ordinary workplace and here are almost 90 different professions represented.

The tour lasts about 60 minutes. There is limited accessability for walkers and wheelchairs.

Group tours

Price 100 SEK per person including coffee and cake.
At least 10 persons and a maximum 25 persons per group. Two groups can be received simultaneously.

Booking request for groups

School tours

For schools groups 3-19 of age. Takes about 60 minutes.
size of group Full class, max 30 pupils/tour
entrance: The large entrance of Malmö Opera, Östra Rönneholmsvägen 20
price: The tours are free for pre-schools pupils 3-5 years. For elementary school pupils 6-19 yeras it's 35 SEK per pupil.
bookning: e-mail to skolvisningar@malmoopera.se