Lindängen is one of five areas which are parts of the program to improve the social living conditions in Malmö between 2010 and 2015. The investments had as goal to the creation of jobs and general a increase in employment, to the creation of a safe environment, a vibrant urban center and possibilities for the citizens to influence the development of the area.

Through a tightly intersectional work involving many citizens of Lindängen and a large number of different actors, the investments in the area has started to make a difference. The investment program is characterized by citizen involvment, the development of meeting places, efforts to making the area safer, the refitment och the public spaces and a shortening of the way to self-sufficiency.

During the study visit we will tell you about our working methods to optain the goal "of a safe and attractive Lindängen getting more people in employment". We address the investment program of Lindängen and the prioritized efforts such as Allaktivitetshuset, the House for All Activities, the refitment of the Lindängen center and Framtidens hus, the House of the Future.

Practical info

Place: Framtidens Hus in Lindängen, Lindängsplan 3
Length: at least 2 hours
Type of study visit: lecture and visit to the activities in Lindängen. A walking tour can be made with smaller groups.
Target group: municipalities, NGO's and politicians that works with social sustainability, integration, children and youth, democracy and citizen involvment.
Maximum number of participants: 25 persons

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