Sege Park

In the calmness of Sege Park you shall find the green community near the city center. Here a residential area with premises for commerce and public service is created with cultivation and sustainable sollutions. The historical environment is preserved together with smart sollutions for the good life.

Sege Park is situated in Kirseberg in the eastern parts of Malmö. In this area the Eastern psychiatric hospital was situated until 1995. Most of the buildings are from the 1930’s when the hospital was built together with the park which caracterises the area. In this 25 ha large area new housing, commerce and public service will be created in symbiosis with the existing buildings and the park environment. Sege Park, which is owned by the city of Malmö, will be developed into a model of social, economic and ecologic sustainable urbanism.

Park and culturally historic values

Many of the existing buildings have important cultural and architecturally historical values. The goal is for the new development to coexist with the existing cultural environment, but at the same time signal the ungoing change of the area. About 1 000 new apartments, ownership and tenant ownership apartments, townhouses and premises, pre-schools, parking house and other city centre facilities will be created. In Sege Park most of the buildings shall be preserved and will get new functions. The area is planned to be densified, mostly in the southern parts to preserve as much as possible of the old hospital park. The park will be developed into a neighbourhood park with room for play and recreation.

Sharing economy and testbed for sustainability

Sege Park shall be a resource effective and climate smart neighbourhood – a show-case for sustainable urban development – above all regarding energy production and energy effectivisation. There will be innovative and tested concepts for a circular attitude regarding provision and behaviour.

The new neighbourhood shall be a testbed for various sustainable sollutions, where sharing economy gets a prominent role. In the collaborations between different departments within the municipality a sustainability strategy has been developed. It describes how the sustainability work shall be planned, with a concentration on renewabel energy, decrease of car use and possibilities for cultivation.

Place: Sege Park, Östra Fäladsgatan 36

Length: 60–90 minutes

Cost: 5 000 SEK plus VAT of 25 %

Target group: city planners

Type of visit: presentation in one of the buildings in the area and a guided tour

Maximum number of participants: 25 persons

Website: information on Sege Park in English

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