Ekostaden Augustenborg (Eco-City)

Ekostaden Augustenborg is a unique process where existing, older urban areas have been redesigned and improved in close collaboration with residents and stakeholders in the area.

The eco-city of Augustenborg is a unique process where existing, older urban buildings have been redesigned and improved in close collaboration with the residents and the various actors in the area.

Augustenborg began to be built in the late 1940s and in the late 1990s began the transformation into a sustainable residential area. During a study visit to Ekostaden Augustenborg, you can take part in the development that has taken place in the area and the work towards becoming a more sustainable district.

We begin with a presentation of the background to Ekostaden Augustenborg and the district's transformation from a problematic to an economically, socially and ecologically sustainable district. We take a closer look at Augustenborg's Botanical Roof Garden, which offers 9,500 m of green roofs of various kinds. We continue with a walk in Ekostaden Augustenborg with the district's unique open stormwater management, energy efficiency, property recycling and joint cultivation and more.

In Ekostaden Augustenborg, the City of Malmö collaborates with the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute, which in addition to guided tours offers the opportunity for in-depth study in various areas of interest.

In-depth technical visit 

You have the opportunity to, in addition to the guided tour, book an in-depth study visit. In these technical visits, you get a greater insight into an optional special area and what measures have been taken in Ekostaden. You can choose between several different areas related to sustainable urban development and green infrastructure.

  • The creation and development of Ekostaden Augustenborg: In this visit, we go deeper into how Ekostaden Augustenborg has developed with a focus on housing participation. We also review most of the environmental improvement measures that have been taken in the area, both outdoors and indoors.
  • Climate adaptation with green infrastructure & sustainable stormwater management: Green roofs, green walls, city trees and open stormwater management are important tools when we face more extreme weather as a result of ongoing climate change. We take a closer look at these tools from both a theoretical and a practical perspective.
  • In-depth technical visit about green roofs and walls: During this tour we will discuss the technical aspect of green roofs and green walls in detail. We will look at Sweden’s experience in the development of green infrastructure and talk about some of the findings and conclusions that research in this field has shown. Augustenborgs Botanical Roof Garden has a large variety of green roofs which demonstrate the many possibilities and layout that green roofs can have. The visit includes a longer tour of the roof garden as well as some examples of green walls and facades found in the EcoCity. We will consider the advantages, disadvantages, cost, construction, technical limitations and opportunities within the construction of green roofs, walls and facades.

Greenhouse Augustenborg

In 2016, the newly built apartment building Greenhouse in Augustenborg with 14 floors and 56 apartments was moved into a passive house with smart solutions that facilitate and aim for a sustainable lifestyle.

Greenhouse has since been the crown jewel of the plant in Augustenborg, where all tenants have the opportunity to live sustainably, with smart waste sorting, box bike pool, smart laundry and opportunities to grow on their 22 sqm large balcony overlooking a roof garden and the whole of Malmö.

The Scandinavian Green Roof Institute offers guided tours around Greenhouse. During the visit, we always want to put the apartment building in a context where we also present and show Augustneborg's Botanical Roof Garden and the stormwater system in Ekostaden Augustenborg. But there is also the opportunity to tailor your visit.

Practical info

location: Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden, Ystadvägen 56

There are a number of different lengths of visits in different combinations to chose from and it's also possible for us to adapt a visit according to your needs. Please contact ut for further information.

maximum number of participants: 25 people (currently reduced to 20 due to pandemic)

website and booking: Scandinavian Green Roof Institute / Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden