Sorgenfri is the oldest industrial site in the city and it's also one of three expansion areas. 

Old industrial site

In Sorgenfri there are remains of 100 years of industrial history and many well known and significant work places, some still active today. It has been the intention of the city to preserve the historical buildings and the industrial character.

At the heart of the city

The northern parts of Sorgenfri, once in the outskirts of the city, now have a central position in Malmö. The transformation of this industrial area connects the neigbourhoods Eastern Sorgenfri, St Knut, Rörsjöstaden, Värnhem and Katrinelund and the north-eastern parts of Malmö are connected to the center of the city.

Ground pollution in the block Spårvägen

The factories that were active in the block Spårvägen since the 1930's handled petrol and oils in a manor typical for the time and the ground of the entire block is contaminated. The soil remediation of this block also included a complex remediation of the ground beneith the old bus garage, Båghallarna.

Soil remediation is also being prepared in the block Brännaren, where the different property owners have made joint efforts to share the costs.

Essential issues of sustainability

The neigbourhood central for recycling, ReTuren, has the ambition to be a unique function for recycling specific for this neighbourhood, derived from the needs of the residents. The building shall be developed in collaboration with the residents, the city and the operators in the area. This recycling central will also be a social meeting place.

The UWS's in the area are underground containers in the street for food waste instead of special buildings in the yards for waste management. This system is a pilot for the local water and waste company VASyd. All the apartments in the block have food processors connected with gravity drainage to underground septic tanks so the food waste doesn't have to be pumped from the buildings. These systems are all a part of a holistic solution.

Design of the public space

Sorgenfri is dense when it comes to the buildings, green space and the small yards. Both the square Spiggans plats and the streets in the new blocks have new street lighting. The square Spårvägstorget has storm water drainage.

Along the newly transformed main street Industrigatan there are trees and plants representing four biotopes--alley, crevice, jungle and country road, to optain as much variation in the greenery as possible. The walking path, the plantation and the bicycle lane are together wider than the car lane; eight versus six meters.

Culturally driven development

Culture is the fourt dimension in urbanism--to create and maintain platforms for cultural activity in the neighbourhood is a common goal.

The block Brännaren

The projecting and remediation of the block Brännaren is ongoing and a new detail plan has been approved which includes storm water management.

meeting place: Infopoint Sorgenfri, Celsiusgatan 21

length: 60 minutes 

cost: 5 000 SEK plus 25 % VAT
execution: walking tour
maximum number of participants: 25 persones
site: information on Sorgenfri in English