Application for Overseas Students

Students applying from overseas for a place on one of Malmö Borgarskola's International Baccalaureate Programmes should complete the application form below.

Who can apply?:

  • EU citizens (the student must live with a legal guardian here in Sweden for the duration of their studies).
  • Non-EU citizens can only apply if a legal guardian has, or is about to receive, a valid work visa for Sweden.
  • Students should have completed, or be about to complete, nine years of formal education (copies of grade transcripts must be included with the application below - or emailed to antag@malmo.se to be received no later than June 20th).

For students who fulfil the above requirements, Swedish municipal schools are tuition free.

Admission is based on:

1. A passing score on the mandatory entrance tests in English and Mathematics.
2. Thereafter on students' final year grades.

Please note that Malmö Borgarskola does not have any boarding facilities.