Information about our fixer and IT fixer services (English)

Our fixer and IT fixer services are for residents living in normal housing who are at least 69 years old.

Fixer service

Our fixer service is a range of services in the home to prevent and eradicate the risk of falling. We inspect your home in accordance with a checklist to find and rectify any possible risks. The service is free of charge, but you must arrange and pay for any necessary materials. The service is provided on normal weekdays. We do not conduct any work for which we are not qualified.

Examples of what we can help you with:

  • Fastening cables and slip-proofing rugs.
  • Replacing batteries, fuses and bulbs.
  • Hanging/taking down curtains, roller blinds and pictures and installing smoke alarms.
  • Collecting and storing lighter items in storage rooms, attics and basements.

The fixer service does not do the following:

  • Service and/or nursing tasks performed by home care.
  • Professional trade work.
  • Snow removal.
  • Gardening.
  • Window cleaning.

Peace of mind and security

The fixer service and the IT fixer have a legal duty of confidentiality. Any personnel who visit you shall present photo ID issued by the City of Malmö. Visits are booked in advance. You should never reveal usernames, passwords or PINs to the fixer service or the IT fixer.

Feedback and contact

We are happy to receive any feedback on or suggestions for improvements to our service. Simply contact the fixer service or the IT fixer.

The fixers are responsible for different areas although during holidays and other absences they cooperate and cover for each other.

The fixers' phone time: 8 am–9 am every normal weekday.

Area: North and Oxie
Fixer: Peter Boman
Tel: 0708–68 03 25
Email: peter.boman@malmo.se

Area: Inner City / Fosie
Fixer: Katarina Hvass
Tel: 0709–71 83 67
Email: katarina.hvass@malmo.se

Area: East
Fixer: Samir Hajrula
Tel: 0768–82 06 25
Email: samir.hajrula@malmo.se

Area: West/ Limhamn-Bunkeflo
Fixer: Erik Möller
Tel: 0768–52 78 41
Email: erik.moller@malmo.se

Area: West/Hyllie
Fixer: Mats Hansson
Tel: 0709–70 60 26
Email: mats.hansson3@malmo.se

The IT fixer

The IT fixer offers basic IT support services in the home. The service is provided on normal weekdays and is free of charge. You must arrange and pay for any equipment that you need.

The IT fixer can help you to install and start using apps, services and social media, including:

  • Advice on good communication apps, such as for video calls.
  • Advice on good digital public services, such as Vårdguiden 1177 for health services.
  • Help installing and starting to use different apps and programs on smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.
  • Installation of Chromecast, Apple-TV and the like.

In order for the IT fixer to be able to help, you must have the necessary equipment, a working internet connection and an email address.

The IT fixer does not conduct work that requires professional IT support training, such as troubleshooting and repairs or the installation of hardware, operating systems or other software.

Nor does the IT fixer provide services offered by your digital TV, IP telephony or internet provider.

The IT fixer cannot use digital services on your behalf, the IT fixer can simply offer support to help you to start using them yourself.

Summer break

The IT fixer has a summer break from 15 June to 15 August.

Area: all of Malmö
IT fixer: Peter Boman
Tel: 0734–12 24 60
Phone time: 8 am–9 am every normal weekday
Email: peter.boman@malmo.se

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