Civic Orientation (Samhällsorientering på engelska)

Civic Orientation is a course about Swedish society for those who have recently arrived in Sweden. The course gives you important information for a good start in Malmö.

How to register for the Civic Orientation course (Samhällsorientering)

You can register for the Civic Orientation course at any time throughout the year. There is no deadline for registration.

Register at the Integration Centre (Integrationscenter)

Visit the Integration Centre in order to register for Civic Orientation.

Register online

You can register digitally, using our online application form. Submit the form, and we will contact you with an offer for the course.

About Civic Orientation

The Civic Orientation course will provide you with knowledge about your rights and obligations, about democracy in Sweden, and about how Swedish society is organised.

The course relates to practical everyday life, including issues concerning work and education, housing, health and medical care, and family and children. The course will be held in your native language or another language that you know. You are invited to listen, ask questions and engage in discussions. The course is free of charge.

The structure of the course is adapted to meet the individual needs and conditions of each person. You can combine your studies with employment, other activities/support measures, and other studies, for example SFI.

Who can study Civic Orientation?

The Civic orientation course is for you who are between 18 and 64 years old and who have recently been granted a residence permit in Sweden.

The course is divided into four sections

The Civic Orientation course extends over at least 100 hours and is divided into four sections. The course can be studied either remotely (online course) or in person. Courses are available both in the mornings and in the afternoons.

You may also be offered an expanded version of Civic Orientation, incorporating additional subjects such as study visits, parental education, discussion circles, etc.

  • Section 1
    Includes information about being new in Malmö, everyday finances, housing, fire and traffic, work and education, and the schooling system (30 hours).
  • Section 2
    Includes information about being new in Sweden, migration and health, how Sweden is governed and the right of law, democracy and participation, nature and the environment, allergies and self-care, diet and physical activity, and study visits (24 hours).
  • Section 3
    Includes information about leisure, culture and associations, as well as study visits, tobacco and alcohol, digitalisation, study guidance, sexually transmitted infection and HIV, and sexual and reproductive health and rights (24 hours).
  • Section 4
    Includes information about the rights and obligations of the individual, children’s rights, help and support, starting a family and living with children in Sweden, ageing in Sweden and learning about the labour market (24 hours).

After the course

After the course, you will receive a certificate sent home if you have had an attendance of at least 85%.

You always have the possibility to complete your course. Please feel free to contact us.

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