Leisure activities in Malmö


There are several indoor and outdoor pools in Malmö. Certain facilities are open to the public, whilst others are mainly open to schools and swimming clubs. At Malmö’s pools, you will find a wide range of activities and opportunities for training and exercise.

Learn to swim

Are you an adult who would like to learn to swim, or would you like your child to learn to swim? Malmö has swimming classes for people of all ages. Swimming classes are provided at swimming pools all around Malmö. Certain courses are free of charge, whilst others charge a fee. Some of Malmö’s swimming clubs also offer swimming classes, as well as providing other activities you can take part in.

Fun things to do in Malmö

Kul i Malmö is the name of a website that lists free activities for children and young adults aged between 6 and 25 years. The activities are organised by Malmö’s local associations and by the City of Malmö. There are lots of fun activities that you can take part in all year round, with many extra activities during school holidays.

Youth recreation centres

There are more than 20 youth recreation centres located in Malmö. At youth recreation centres, you can realise your ideas, make new friends, or take part in any of the many activities. Youth recreation centres are open to you if you are of the right age, regardless of where you live or where you go to school.

Associations and organisations

Malmö has a rich and wide range of associations and organisations, which provide many different kinds of leisure activities. There is a register of around 500 associations and organisations where you can search for different leisure activities that cater for your interests.

Lending library for leisure equipment

Fritidsbanken is the name of an initiative that enables you to borrow sports and leisure equipment completely free of charge. It functions as a kind of library, and the equipment is recycled as it has been donated by people who no longer need it. This is available in several locations in Malmö.

Recreation areas

In Malmö’s recreation areas, you can take walks, exercise, or just enjoy the nature environment. Torup’s beech forest offers both nature and cultural experiences for you to discover, and there is a range of sporting activities you can take part in at the Bulltofta recreation area.