Guided experiences

A selection of tours for groups in Malmö.


SkåneGuide is an independent, non-profit organisation for authorised guides in Scania with about 50 members. All guides have a general knowledge about our region but each guide also offer a specific niche.


Travelshop offers guided tours in Malmö such as bike tours as well as local nature and food experiences.

Rundan Sightseeing

Sightseeing by boat through Malmö's canals and under its bridges. With personal guides you get to see Malmö from a new perspective and information about our architecture, history, personalities and fun anecdotes.


Offers guided experiences in Malmö and Scania with city walks and themed tours such as art tours at Moderna Museet.

AHa! Guide & Aktivitet

Offers day tours in southern Sweden and Denmark with focus on the Malmö-Copenhagen area.


Customised experiences in Malmö and Scania with tours based on "The Bridge" and renaissance castle Torup for example.

Malmö by Foot

Guided historic walks through Malmö.


Matkaravan (Food caravan) offers themed food and tasting walks around the city. The themes include Möllevångstorget where you can eat your way through the world, as well as Saluhallen (food market) and "fika"-tours.