Glossary – useful words to know

This means that you are registered as living at your address on the national Population Register. Many of the rights and obligations that apply to Swedish residents depend on you having been registered in the Population Register and on where you are registered as living.

Folktandvården is the name given to the dental care service that is provided by the public healthcare system. The alternative to Folktandvården is dental care that is provided by private companies.

This is a birth certificate that shows when you were born and who your parents are.

The Social Insurance Agency is a public authority that is responsible for Sweden’s system of social security. The Social Insurance Agency is responsible for many of the financial benefits and allowances that are available in Sweden, such as for families with children and people who are ill.

This is a maximum cost card that ensures that you will never have to pay more than a certain total amount for medical visits during one year. Every time you pay for an appointment with a doctor, you will receive a stamp on your card. When the total you have paid reaches the maximum threshold, you will not have to pay for further healthcare during the rest of that year.

The Swedish Pensions Agency is responsible for the national public pension. A pension is money that is paid to people who have stopped working due to old age.

The Swedish Tax Agency is responsible for the taxes that everyone in Sweden must pay. It also has other tasks, including responsibility for the Population Register and issuing Swedish ID cards.

A document that certifies that you are married.

Vårdnadshavare refers to the person or persons who are legally responsible for a child. The child’s parents are usually the vårdnashavare. If the parents are unable to take care of the child, other adults may be awarded the role of vårdnadshavare.