Preschool and open preschool

There are both preschools and open preschools in Malmö. At preschool, your child can learn things that prepare them for school. An open preschool is a meeting place for both parents and children.


Children can attend preschool from the age of 1 year until they start school. Most children in Sweden attend preschool. The staff at the preschool work with your child’s development and learning. Play is an important element at preschool, and the children's activities include singing, dancing, making music, painting and acting. It is very easy for young children to learn several languages at the same time. At preschool your child will learn Swedish, and they will be well-prepared for starting school. Attending preschool can also be beneficial to the child's health, and gives them better prerequisites for finding employment as adults.

The staff at the preschool have a responsibility to ensure that each child receives the support they need for their continued development. For children who need special support, there are special preschools or special departments – for example, for children with language impairment or autism.

Children have the chance to regularly participate at preschool and get to know both other children and educators.

The fee for attending preschool is adjusted according to the family's income. Children aged 3 years and above are entitled to attend for a certain number of hours without charge.

If you need support

If you have any questions about preschool, or if you would like help with the application, you can go to the Integration Centre, the reception desk at the city hall (Stadshuset), or the service centre in Rosengård. At these places there will be members of staff who can help you. You can also get help by telephoning or sending an email to the City of Malmö.

Open preschool

An open preschool is a meeting place for parents and children aged from 0 to 6 years. Parents stay with their child throughout the visit to an open preshool. Attendance is free of charge, and you do not need to apply for a place. Open preschools are staffed by trained educators, who arranges sing-alongs and read books to the children. They can also provide parents with advice and support if needed.

All of the City of Malmö's open preschools can provide language training if you need to improve your Swedish. You can bring your children when you attend the language training.

Advice over the phone
Telephone: 040-34 35 55
Telephone hours: Monday and Thursday 14.00–16.00.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9.00–11.00.

Reception – contact
Telephone: 040-34 60 30
Telephone hours: Monday–Friday: 8.00–16.00. Closed for lunch: 12.00–12.45

Reception – visits
Address: Sallerupsvägen 11 D
Visiting hours: Monday–Friday: 8.00–16.00. Closed for lunch: 12.00–12.45