Apply for preschool class or year 7

If your child is going to start preschool class, you have to apply to a school. You also have to apply to a school if your child is going to start in year 7 in the autumn and attends a school where this year is not available.

You have to apply to a municipal school or some of the independent schools during a specific period in the beginning of the year. To apply to a school, you log into the e-service. If your child has protected personal data or a temporary personal identity number, you have to use a form instead of the e-service.

You can apply to the following independent schools in the e-service for academic year 2024/2025:

  • Boukefs Privatskola & Småskola
  • Mariaskolan
  • Montessori Mondial Malmö
  • Hindby Dibber
  • Östra Skolan Dibber 

The application period for academic year 2024/2025 will be in January 10-31. It is not possible to apply now.

If you are moving to Sweden

If your child has lived abroad and/or has not had any previous schooling in Sweden during the last six months, you must first register for an enrollment meeting at Mottagningsenheten Skolstart Malmö before applying to elementary school.

The application process

You can specify preferences for up to seven schools in your application. Rank your preferences according to which schools you would prefer your child to attend.

Remember that you can not apply to an independent school via the municipality.

If you have been offered and have accepted a place at a municipal profile school or in a municipal elite class, you should not take part in this general application process.

If your child has two custodians, both must sign and approve the application for it to be valid.

You can make changes to your application up until the last day of application. After that the application is closed. Both custodians must approve any changes for them to be valid.

When the application period is over, school places are allocated according to the City of Malmö’s guidelines for school places. Custodians’ preferences are met as far as possible and all pupils are given a place at a school as close as possible to their home. However, there is no guarantee that every pupil can be given one of their preferences.

The decision on allocation of a school place is sent by regular mail or e-mail to the child’s custodians.

School starts in August. The school where your child has gained a
place will contact you with more information ahead of the start of term.

If you are not satisfied with the decision

If you are not satisfied with the school where your child has been allocated a place, you can apply to change school.

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