Apply for preschool class or year 7

If your child is going to start preschool class, you have to apply to a school. You also have to apply to a school if your child is going to start in year 7 in the autumn and attends a school
where this year is not available.

You have to apply to a municipal school during a specific period in the beginning of the year. The dates will be published here. If you want your child to go to an independent school, you have to contact the school yourself.

To apply to a municipal school, you log into the e-service. If your child has protected personal data or a temporary personal identity number, you have to use a form instead of the e-service. Link to the e-service and the form will be published here when the application period starts.

Decision on allocation of school places for the autumn of 2021 have now been published in the e-service.

If you have not entered your e-mail address in the e-service, you will have the decision sent to you by mail.

If you are moving to Sweden

If your child has lived abroad and/or has not had any previous schooling in Sweden during the last six months, you must first register for an enrollment meeting at Mottagningsenheten Skolstart Malmö before applying to elementary school.

The application process

If you are not satisfied with the decision

If you are not satisfied with the school where your child has been allocated a
place, you can apply to change school.